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Bed Bug Detection, Prevention, Elimination & K9 Certification

Scent Detection

We provide industry leading scent detection services utilizing the finest scent detection dogs.

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helping retailers, schools, hotels and residential customers create preventative and proactive programs.

Pest Heat System

100% organic and non-toxic with no residues, chemicals or odors.
One application in one day.

Pest Heat Elimination

We use the Pest-Heat system, which is 100% organic and non-toxic

with no residues, chemicals or odors. Heat treatment for pest control is effective in one application, with most complete in just one day. Since heat penetrates areas where traditional chemicals and fumigants can’t, you will benefit from a complete ‘kill’. And with heat, you can implement a ‘Zone Treatment’, treating only the infested area, assuring quick and complete pest eradication. We’re saying “YES!” to safer, earth-friendly pest control.

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Latest US Epidemic - Bed Bugs


You have a question? Someone else might have had the exact same one. Let's find out!

There HAS been an increase in bedbug infestations. Our member pest control companies who received 1 or 2 bedbug calls a year are now reporting 1 to 2 each week.

These pests are not limited to any one specific type of dwelling. Pest control companies have been reporting the infestations in multi-family housing, apartments, hotels and even hospitals. They can look very different depending on their maturity.

Pest control companies have reported bed bug activity on a national scale. Bedbugs are being found from the East to the West Coast; and everywhere in between.

Bedbugs should not be equated with filth or sanitation problems — in hotels or in homes, for that matter. Bedbugs are very elusive, transient and nocturnal pests. They are often found in other areas besides the bed. And they are hardy. They can live for a year or more without eating and can withstand a wide range of temperatures from nearly freezing to almost 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Bedbugs can be controlled with vigilance and constant inspection and treatment by professional pest control companies.

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