How Do You Prevent an Infestation?

How Do You Prevent an Infestation?

Get advice from bed bug control experts located in Coventry, RI & serving the state including Warwick & Providence, RI

At Northeast Bed Bug Services, our mission is to provide bed bug control services when you need them in Providence or Coventry, RI, but of course we understand that you would rather never need these services. You would rather prevent a bed bug infestation from occurring in the first place.

Bed bug service professionals recommend:

  • Decluttering to get rid of bugs’ hiding places
  • Protecting mattresses and box springs with protective covers
  • Inspecting used furniture for bed bugs before bringing it home


You should also look for bed bugs after you move, host guests overnight or travel and potentially pick up some bed bug hitchhikers. Call 401-639-4515 to ask bed bug service experts for more tips.


Find out how to avoid bringing bed bugs home

You can look for bed bugs in your lodgings’ mattress, bed frame and furniture. You can store your belongings on an elevated luggage rack while you’re away. When you return, inspect your belongings and wash your clothes on a high setting.

If bed bugs do accompany you home, call us quickly to schedule bed bug control services before the infestation spreads.