Why Use a Heat Treatment?

Why Use a Heat Treatment?

Get informed about the benefits of a bed bug heat treatment in Coventry, Warwick & Providence, RI

If you’re looking for the most effective bed bug removal techniques, you’ve come to the right place. Northeast Bed Bug Services offers bed bug heat treatment in Coventry, Warwick and Providence, RI.

A bed bug heat treatment:

  • Kills bed bugs at any stage of development
  • Doesn’t require furniture disposal
  • Requires less time and money than many other techniques

To schedule a bed bug service that uses this efficient technique, call a bed bug removal professional at 401-639-4515 today.

Discover how heat treatment works

When we provide a heat treatment service, we use specialized equipment to heat your space to a temperature that kills bed bugs, around 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat can kill bugs wherever they are, no matter how well they might dodge chemical treatments. And it will kill them without exposing you, your family or your pets to insecticides. Consult one of our team members to learn more.