Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Service

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Service

How do you know you have bed bugs?

You can look for bed bugs in your bed, box spring, bed frame and nearby furniture like nightstands. If you see bed bugs in Coventry, Warwick or Providence, RI, call 401-639-4515 right away to schedule a bed bug service by the experienced bed bug exterminators at Northeast Bed Bug Services.

How do you prepare for a bed bug treatment?

When you schedule a bed bug service, your bed bug treatment preparation should include removing your family members (including pets) for the day. Leave as many of your possessions at home as possible so they can be treated.

Does heat treatment have health benefits?

As a non-toxic, chemical-free treatment, a bed bug heat treatment doesn’t come with the health risks of many other treatments. You, your family and your pets will be safe from insecticides.

Why choose Northeast Bed Bug Services?

Select Northeast Bed Bug Services because we have a diligent bed bug detector team, including our canine team member, Hunter. We have an effective bed bug removal technique that’s OSHA-approved and non-toxic.

How do you identify bed bugs?

You can identify the bugs by their brown, small and oval-shaped bodies. They often look flat, but are round after feeding. If you don’t see bed bugs, their red, itchy bites may be a sign of their presence.

What do you do after a K-9 inspector finds bed bugs?

After our K-9 Hunter finds the bugs, you can schedule services by our bed bug exterminators right away.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

A small number of people have allergic reactions to bed bugs. The much more common result of a bed bug infestation is distress, including depression or extreme fear of another infestation.

How does a bed bug infestation begin?

Bed bugs often hitch rides home with you when you visit an infested home or business, no matter how clean or careful you are.

What is heat treatment and what makes it a great solution?

Heat treatment is a bed bug service that consists of heating your space to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs can survive many other treatments, but they cannot survive a temperature of about 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This treatment is effective on bed bugs at any stage of development, including eggs.