Get a Chemical-Free Solution to Your Bed Bug Problems

Get a Chemical-Free Solution to Your Bed Bug Problems

Ask us about bed bug heat treatment in Coventry, Warwick & Providence, RI

Do you need bed bug treatment, but hate the idea of chemical-laden insecticides permeating your home? Look no further than Northeast Bed Bug Services for bed bug removal in Coventry, RI or any of the surrounding areas including Providence, RI. We offer a non-toxic, chemical-free alternative to traditional bed bug removal services, so you can rest assured that your family is safe.

Our sniffer dog will identify your bed bug problem, and then we will treat your entire home with a powerful heating system. Our treatment is OSHA-approved and highly effective. Ask us about our heat treatment services today.

What are the benefits of bed bug heat treatment?

You care about the health of your family, so don't expose your loved ones to harsh chemicals and toxins. Bed bug heat treatment is a preferred treatment plan because:

  • Bed bugs can hide from chemicals, but heat radiates to every hidden corner
  • Heat will kill insecticide-resistant bed bugs
  • Heat treatment kills every life stage of bed bugs, including eggs
  • Heat treatment is a chemical-free and non-toxic method

Choose a treatment plan that keeps your family safe. Call 401-639-4515 today to schedule bed bug heat treatment in Coventry, RI or the surrounding Warwick and Providence, RI areas.